Better Software East 2017 Concurrent Session : Awesome Agile and How We Did It: Halogen’s Journey


Thursday, November 9, 2017 - 10:00am to 11:00am

Awesome Agile and How We Did It: Halogen’s Journey

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Many organizations struggle to achieve predictable, high quality software delivery. However, agile software processes are not prescriptive, and we recognize that processes are continuously evolving to improve delivery, consistency, and quality. Karen Holliday describes the challenges that Halogen Software experienced in the past five years as they moved from waterfall delivery to the agile/scrum development model. Karen shares the strategies implemented at Halogen that have led to a string of five on-time quality releases—including two early releases. Learn how to plan in an agile (ALM) world. Discover what metrics and processes lead to predictable delivery and quality. Identify the “secret sauce” for measuring the quality of components early in the development lifecycle. See how you can use this information to drive smarter decisions. Examine how Karen’s team adapted to change by including testers and product management in the scrum teams, resulting in a culture of customer-centric quality. Learn from Karen how you can improve the quality and delivery predictability for your organization.

Karen Holliday
Halogen Software

​Karen Holliday ​serves as Vice President, Quality and Customer Advocacy at Saba Software. Karen started out her technology career ​over twenty years ago as a software developer for real time software platforms. Moving into the optical world, Karen developed a passion for solving complex business problems planning nationwide and metro networks across North America and Europe. Rounding out her experiences with tours in marketing, quality assurance, customer service and support, Karen is now focused on delivering software in the SaaS world and loving it. ​Learn more on LinkedIn.