Better Software East 2017 Concurrent Session : The Top Five Agile Concepts That Most Companies Completely Miss


Wednesday, November 8, 2017 - 2:45pm to 3:45pm

The Top Five Agile Concepts That Most Companies Completely Miss

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Organizations claim to be going agile. Many agile leaders promise twice the results in half the time. Unfortunately, most organizations and leaders fail before they even start. In five basic concepts Lee Henson shares the reasons for their failures. First, focusing on the outcome instead of the output is critical for agile project success. Second, organizations that succeed are those that take time to eliminate technical debt and focus on test automation. Third, as organizations strive to be precise in their estimates, they are learning that time-based estimation was never intended to be used to measure consumer satisfaction. Fourth, correctly sized teams, swarming on limited work in progress, allow organizations to focus on the most important things they should be doing. Fifth, organizations learn to do more in less time by balancing doing the right thing, with doing the thing right. Join Lee to see how these five concepts promote real agile success.

V. Lee Henson

V. Lee Henson is one of only 200 or so Certified Scrum Trainers worldwide. His client list includes more than forty of the Fortune 100 companies and many successful agile implementations. Lee’s unique blend of real-world experience in various roles—combined with his ability to drive home complex concepts—makes him an amazing coach. Lee has personally assisted in the organizational transformation of companies from start-ups to enterprise intercontinental. He has served as chairperson for the Scrum Alliance Certification Advisory Board and is the inventor of Rapid Release Planning. Lee is a SAFe Scaled Agile Program Consultant, Project Management Professional, PMI Agile Certified Practitioner, and a Certified Lean Agile Professional.