Better Software East 2017 Tutorial: Docker Jumpstart: Concepts, Features, and Real-World Examples


Monday, November 6, 2017 - 1:00pm to 4:30pm

Docker Jumpstart: Concepts, Features, and Real-World Examples

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Docker, a mechanism for low-overhead virtualization, is emerging as a key aspect of DevOps architecture. Interest in Docker—with its lightweight, portable, “build once, configure once, and run anywhere” containers—is growing. If you want to jumpstart your Docker skills, join Aater Suleman to gain first-hand knowledge to help your organization streamline workflows, speed up product releases, and reduce hardware investments. He discusses the basics of Docker: concepts, terminology, commands, must-know features, and real-world examples of Docker projects. Aater presents and demonstrates best practices, pitfalls, and practical advice from real-world case studies using Docker. Focusing on eight common use cases, he explores the advantages containers bring to each. Learn how to create isolated environments in a single machine without imposing a performance overhead. Discover new possibilities for optimizing developer workflows (code delivery) and creating multi-tenant applications—while improving the quality and speed of software releases and spending less time coding.

Aater Suleman

Aater Suleman is co-founder and CEO of Flux7, an Austin TX-based global IT consultancy that helps organizations gain business agility through new technologies using cloud, containers, configuration management, and CI/CD. He uses his extensive background in hardware, performance optimization, and software development to create self-healing cloud infrastructure frameworks that enable organizations to quickly take advantage of infrastructure as a service. Recognized internationally for his innovative works, Aater has published papers on computer engineering and is a sought-after speaker. Connect with Aater on Twitter @futurechips and on LinkedIn.